Mixing and socialisation
Making new friends
Meeting people in the same boat
Having a lunch that we don’t have to cook
Purpose to our week
Safe environment
Social contact preventing isolation
A chance to get out of the house
It's a long week doing nothing so ACE fills that gap
Educational and Information
A chance to catch up and have a good gossip
Someone to tell your jokes too
Inspirational talks from people who overcome disabilities/hardships
Company, for some it’s the only time we meet friends
Some interesting talks, some not so interesting
Big Happy Family
It gives me a good week every week
We all muck in to look after each other
Making friends
Like the difference between the morning and the afternoon
Gives us all chance to get out of the 4 walls and to get together with others to improve our lives
Every week is different
Like the feeling of moral support, we get from each other
Like the outings we have
Christmas Dinners
I’ve never come to a place that’s better

What we would like done differently

Holidays are too long
Meeting in a place for lunch or coffee * leaflet
The format needs changing on a Thursday – Games, coffee chat, cake sale, coffee in the garden during summer term once a month
Food could be warmer
Own minibus/driver (in our dreams!)
Scrabble group – games morning
Music appreciation
More quizzes
Exercise with Sue
Drama Class
More history talks like John Risdon
Visit to the Dome Plymouth + gin factory, trip on a trawler
A trip to Plymouth Theatre
Outdoor Shakespear @ Dartington
Variety of talks regarding more youthful topics not just history based e.g games morning, coffee cake and chat mornings, musical mornings (Singing, bell ringers, drums)
Volunteer work in our area for US – info from businesses
Talks from companies who cater for disabled people e.g. holidays, activities, shopping etc, days out.
Interactive sessions to involve audiences (personal chats e.g Yvonnes Madiera talk – food drink!
Repeats of good sessions done in the past but new members have experienced
A drink in the afternoon activity would be nice
Holiday breaks – too long. Could something be arranged in members local area to meet up.
Cookery demos – for people on a budget
Art demo
Jewelry making demo
Get fit
Supermarkets – help for disable shopping
Holidays are too long