Classes at Ace

The Swimming class

You can enjoy the freedom and relaxation of swimming or walking in the warm waters of Brixham’s Admiral Pool, with expert tuition from Doug Litt.
The pool is 25 metres long and is the same adult walking depth throughout. Access to the pool is down wide gradual steps with hand rails or by a hoist and chair. There is one care worker for the class and a volunteer helper for each swimmer.

Doug spends the lesson in the water working with each swimmer, individually, helping to achieve their goals. It is important that you bring an enabler to help you in the changing room if you need it.

The class is held on Monday morning 11 to 12.


The Thursday Morning Social Group

The members arrive between 10 and 10.30 and start with a hot drink, a catch up with their friends and they order their lunch. The chairman then briefs the group with events of interest and introduces the morning’s guest speaker or other activity.

We have lunch together before the afternoon’s classes of The Write Way, Drawing and Painting or Sports Mobility


The Write Way class for Creative Writing

The class meets on a Thursday afternoon 1.15 to 3 to read and discuss the works of a wide variety of writers and poets and to then ‘have a go’ themselves.

Our tutor, Kate Sloane, will assist you to develop your own style of written expression. Who knows where these new skills and confidence could lead you?

A care worker and volunteer helpers are there to assist, if necessary.

This class of 2010 published a booklet of poetry and prose entitled ‘The Write Way’. It promoted the activities of the class and raised funds.

Ian White said, “I like attending the Write Way Class at ACE, because it is a very informative lesson where you can express your views on many topics. We discuss books, poems, writers and all forms of Literature that I believe stimulates one’s mind and thought processes. Everyone is allowed their opinion and we can all agree to differ. It is interesting, how following a reading of a poem or any piece of written work for that matter, just how many varying interpretations, views and opinions are expressed, provoking lots of good debate. The Write Way has opened doors for me. I have found, through Sam’s teaching and continuous encouragement, that I have produced work I never thought I was capable of. It has often been said that the group produces lots of laughter; this is usually when the conversation is reduced to its lowest common denominator!”
Ian White ACE Secretary.


The Drawing and Painting Class

Corrie Jane Crook is our tutor and she is assisted by a care worker Chrissy, who is a renowned local artist and volunteer helpers. The class meets on Thursday afternoon from 1.15 to 3pm.

Corrie works with ideas suggested by the class. The class work in the large art room sitting in a square facing each other, which promotes creation and socialising.

Your prized results will be framed for display in the classroom, with your permission, and when you take them home to impress the family.


The Sports Mobility Class

The class is back, on Thursday afternoon from 1.15pm to 3pm, for disabled people to have fun, exercising and competing.

Our new tutor, Sue Jarvis, is a wheelchair user and a fully qualified, sports coach. She will work with the class members and volunteers to provide suitable exercises and competitive games like skittles, boccia, curling and Safe darts.

Volunteers will assist Sue to ensure that everyone can achieve their own goals and satisfaction.

As always, Sue will provide lesson plans and she will monitor progress for individual and Ofsted information.


The Gardening Club

The ACE charity has built a large accessible garden for people of all abilities to enjoy the shared delights of creating and maintaining a beautiful garden.

Our outside space consists of brick or wooden raised beds 21 inches or 39 cm high, which are set on a smooth, firm tarmac surface. We also have a poly tunnel with a heater, which is an excellent sheltered work place to grow seeds, cuttings and for specific plants that need a warm environment like a fig tree, tomatoes and cucumbers.

When our last tutor left we decided to save funds by gardening as a co-operative club. We have achieved great results and award winning gardens by working together on shared ideas, suggestions and aspirations.

Our main gardening day is Friday morning from 10 to 12 and some also garden on Wednesday morning.

We charge £20 for a 10-week term that mainly funds seed compost, plants and maintenance items.

We have been very successful in the annual Brixham Horticultural Society competitions in July and October and the Torbay ‘Bay in Bloom Competition’ in July/August.  They promote the charity and the ability of disabled people.

(I will supply photos with text for each class.)

The Pottery Class

Stuart Hopkins is our tutor in the pottery class, which includes members from Brixham’s Cheshire Homes. Stuart is assisted by a care worker and a number of volunteers.

The class uses the large art room with a studio and store nearby. We sit facing each other that fosters a friendly, social atmosphere as we create our masterpieces. Support and equipment is available to assist you.

The class meets on Friday afternoon between1.15 and 3pm.